• Our practice is proud to work with many breeding owners every year with a very good success rate, in particular in mares with fertility problems. We offer multiple comprehensive packages to suit your requirements including frozen AI and the fertility work is either performed at your yard or at our premises. Being a BEVA approved AI centre, our facilities and premises have been inspected and our vets regularly undertake CPD on Artificial insemination. We work with all the best sport breeding stock in the country and abroad for all disciplines. If you wish to find out more about our flexible stud packages, get in touch with us.

Reproduction Services

  • Chilled AI

    Chilled semen involves refrigerating the semen immediately after collection, placing it into chiller packs and then transporting it either by post or manual collection. The conception rates (chance of producing an embryo) are greater than for frozen semen.

  • Frozen AI

    Once the semen has been collected from the stallion, it is separated and added to a preservative. It is then frozen and stored below freezing, usually in dry ice. The semen can then be transported great distances; unfortunately the freezing and handling process slightly reduces the viability of the sperm and conception rates using frozen semen is slightly lower than for chilled semen.

  • Pregnancy Testing

    Mares are scanned for pregnancy diagnosis at an early stage to check for potential twin pregnancies; an additional two scans are performed later on in the pregnancy to check for the healthy growth of the embryo.