Most medical cases are dealt with by our vets at the owner’s facilities; we are able to provide a comprehensive medicine service both for the investigation and treatment of a diverse range of internal medical problems (recurrent colic, poor performance, respiratory diseases, weight loss, diseases of the foal, sarcoids, ophthalmology etc.) We offer full clinical examinations, blood samples and ECG; in addition, we have state-of-the-art imaging equipment such as ultrasonography and endoscopy that plays an important role in the evaluation of medicine cases. We maintain close contact with consultant pathologists both in private practice and in University departments that permits an accurate interpretation of biopsies and other samples taken from our cases. Please contact us for further information.

Our Equipment

  • Laboratory

    The practice has a long relationship with nationwide veterinary laboratories to provide rapid and reliable diagnostic analysis in a wide range. We also have the capability to perform in house laboratory work for basic clinical assessment.

  • Ultrasonography Imaging

    We are equipped with multiple portable ultrasound machines for a non-invasive and painless method of diagnosing and staging of many diseases and injuries particularly of soft tissue structures. A major application of ultrasound imaging is pregnancy diagnosis and fertility management carried out either at your own yard or at our premises.

  • Endoscopy/Gastroscopy

    We have extensive experience in diagnosis and management of gastric ulceration in horses; alongside our modern gastroscope for gastrointestinal pathologies imaging in equines, we are able to diagnose respiratory pathology with a dedicated endoscope.